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About us

Portugal wedding Photographer – We are Glória and Cátia Aguiam, mother and daughter, and an award-winning team of photo-journalistic wedding photographers based in Lisbon, Portugal. We are bond by strong family ties, but also united by a great passion for photography.

Commitment, enthusiasm, authenticity and creativity, are values we treasure and in which we embrace the couples that reach out to us. We get our inspiration from your love story and express it through an authentic and unpretentious coverage. An honest representation of your personal story.

We aim to eternalize the memories of one of the happiest days of your lives: the day you celebrate your love in the presence of your loved ones.

As we hold family so close to our hearts, we also want make sure we capture the genuine interactions of your family and friends, a visual memory of the story of your wedding day. A laugh, a tear, a look, a hug, a conversation. All small details matter when you want to bring your memories back to life.

This is to us the magic of wedding photography. And this is what makes us love it so much.

Whether you’re planning for a big wedding, an elopement or a destination wedding elsewhere, we believe that choosing a photographer is one of the most important tasks on your wedding planning, and we would be honored to be your choice. So, feel free to give us a call or leave us a message and share your story with us.

We want to be a part of your story. Our journey starts here

About us

Aguiam Wedding Photography

We are an awarded team of Lisbon wedding photographers, recommended by the most distinguished Lisbon wedding planers.

We wish for your wedding photos to be more than just images; as they are tangible reminders of love, commitment, and joy, encapsulating the essence of a couple’s special day for years to come, serving as lasting memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and passed down through generations.

We understand how the choice of the wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions of a wedding plan, whether this is a great scale event or a more intimate wedding ceremony. That is why, we use all the creativity and skill to capture the beauty, romance, and unique details of each wedding.  to produce stunning works of art that showcase the couple’s love story in a visually captivating way.

We would love to make part of your couple’s legacy, in framing your memories forever.

let’s start this journey together, click here.

Lisbon Wedding Photographer

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Portugal Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photography in Portugal

Fotografia de Casamento Portugal
Wedding Photography in Portugal
Wedding Photography in Portugal


Fotografia de Casamento Portugal

Wedding Photography in Portugal

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Portugal Wedding Photographer

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