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Wedding Photography Porfolio – We are a team of passionate professional photographers. We absolutely love what we do, so we have built a vast portfolio. We love to photograph Weddings, but our cameras and experienced photographers don’t hold back to any other scenery. Each type of event requires a special attention and we know that better than anyone.

We Photograph Wedding Proposals

And it’s so much fun. We get to be secret agents for a day, working undercover, waiting for the arranged signal to capture the exact “Will you marry me?” moment.

We Photograph Engagement Sessions

And we find these of utmost importance for us and for the couples we photograph. These sessions give us an opportunity to get acquainted to the couple, to synchronize our dynamics, and for the couples to get used to the cameras just before their big day. Also, these sessions offer couples a chance to have a more intimist session on a time and place exclusively dedicated to them, and this works wonders for the particularly crowded wedding ceremonies.

We Photograph Family Sessions

It brings us joy to be able to witness your family growing since the day you said yes. Apart from the shooting we also provide a variety of formats for handmade photo albums for you to easily access and share your memories in a simple, organized and beautiful way.

We Photograph Religious Ceremonies

From baptism ceremonies to Bar and Bat Mistzvah, our photographers are able to identify the different important moments and adjust instantly the color contrasts and shooting angles.

We Photograph Parties and Gatherings

Memorable days deserve the best photos, and it makes a huge difference having a professional photographer capturing all those moments.

We Photograph Business and Corporate Events

A good photo journalistic approach will capture authentic interactions between colleagues and coworkers and we pretty much enjoy witnessing these interactions. We often get surprised by the way the people holding the highest positions show up as fun, relaxed and empathetic beings, honoring the company’s mission and values.

We Photograph Groups

A good group photo can be somewhat challenging. Managing 20, 50, 100 people is something tricky. It requires the right light and a skillful photographer. And we got it all, even if it takes us to extreme situation just to get the perfect framing.

We Photograph Professional Portraits

So you can refresh your website page, business profile or brochure. It is definitely worthy to invest in high quality photographs as these bring a sense of trust and professionalism to your business that will surely make all the difference.

Photography is our business and we welcome any challenge with arms wide open. So please contact us for a quote on your special event.

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