Alyssa & Bret Engagement Session in Cascais

An Engagement Session in Cascais

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Alyssa and Bret engagement session was fun, romantic and very sensual! This American couple was traveling to Portugal for the last decisions with their Wedding Planner Carina Olim, so they decided to have their engagement session here too, and make the most of the trip. Just watch how superbly it came out to be 👌. The possibilities were endless, and they chose the heart of Cascais to do it. Here, they had the best of two worlds, the gorgeous seascape, and the picturesque old town with the typical tiles and the typical Portuguese cobblestone pavement. It was January, wintertime here, so one can only imagine the challenge with the cold and the rain. Do you think that they were bothered? No!, of course not! Both embraced it, and so did we. Truth is, when you are having fun with the love of your life, nothing really matters, wouldn’t you agree? Only about 30 minutes away from the capital Lisbon, Cascais is the perfect getaway for such a special moment. The city center is very unique, with nice little corners here and there that they adored. Then, in a different setting, check how lovely they are at the fishing pier, with the nets and seagulls in the background ⚓. And then the more “nature” side of it, where they’re by the beach, and in their adventure moment, climbing the rocky boulders!  The area is full of possibilities and we were able to capture their love for one another in so many different settings that it was incredible, truly memorable!




Wedding Planner: Carina Olim – La Key Events

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