Asha & Dipil Pre-Wedding Session in Lisbon

A Pre-Wedding Session in Lisbon

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Asha and Dipil Pre-Wedding Session in Lisbon happened during a very warm week in March 2020. It seems like a lifetime ago considering what would become of the rest of the upcoming months. We had so much fun during this beautiful sunny day in Lisbon and Almada. The couple wanted specifically this old part of the town because it is filled with graffiti and a lot of corners where it seems that time stopped. Because Asha and Dipil actually wanted something a bit different, we decided to jump in a boat “cacilheiro” and cross the Tagus River to the other side. That old part of Almada, Cacilhas, besides being a hidden gem has a perfect privileged view point to the twin sister San Francisco Golden Gate: Ponte 25 de Abril, to Lisbon and to a beautiful breathtaking sunset over the river water. It’s just insanely gorgeous. You can reach this point by simple walking by Cais do Ginjal each is literally along side with the river shore. Asha and Dipil made our job so easy. Being madly in love and being so photogenic turned our task a piece of cake. They even hit jackpot with what they were wearing! It did a huge difference because it contrasted in perfection with all backgrounds provided by the city scenery. This is actually a big deal. You don’t want to look like you are camouflaged right? 😉 Make sure you exchange some ideas with the photographer. I till make a difference!