Bhavna & Hervin Majestic Indian Wedding – Day 3

Majestic Indian Wedding in Lisbon – Third Day

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Lisbon

Bhavna & Hervin majestic Indian Wedding in Lisbon was divided in three amazing days, as most of the Indian Weddings. This American and English couple chose Lisbon’s most iconic hotel: Ritz Four Seasons for their royalty like wedding. From the astonishing decoration, to all those beautiful dresses, this wedding will take your breath away. You can see here the previous days. Watch Shot&Cut Films video here.

We are always saying this but it is so true, we absolutely love documenting the preparations, specially the Bride’s. It is that moment when everything is happening around her but she has this serene look, a bit nervous though but always so beautiful!! The Groom is always more relaxed and always very good to hide that healthy anxiety before the big moment 😉


Bhavna, Hervin and their familys are joined together with several sacred rituals. It is a very emotive celebration full of mysticism and sharing. For us that have the privilege to be there taking photos of these moments, it is a though time because we do get emotional and sometimes we just can’t control a teardrop 😉



Once again the decoration took our breath away with so much beautiful details! What a luxury This Majestic Indian Wedding culminated with an amazing party. Bhavna and Hervin allowed us a final photo session, very Art Deco style we must say. We loved it! Feel the romance, feel the love and the joy! These were three fantastic days that which we will never forget. Thank you Bhavna and Hervin for sharing this important days with us!



Wedding Planner: The Wedding Company

Video: Shot and Cut Films

Venue: Hotel Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon

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