Bhavna & Hervin Majestic Indian Wedding in Lisbon- Day 1 and 2

Majestic Indian Wedding in Lisbon – First and Second Day

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Lisbon

Bhavna & Hervin majestic Indian Wedding in Lisbon was divided in three amazing days, as most of the Indian Weddings. This American and English couple chose Lisbon’s most iconic hotel: Ritz Four Seasons for their royalty like wedding. From the astonishing decoration, to all those beautiful dresses, this wedding will take your breath away. You can see here the third day. Watch Shot&Cut Films video here.

On the first day Bhavna showed up already with her hands amazingly drawn with henna, such a detailed piece! Both had their Bhajans ceremonies and then gave us some time to take a few photos before we get ready for the second day. The dramatic stairwell of Ritz was the perfect background for the photography session.


On the second day, the Navghari/Ghari of the bride was so beautiful. Her dress, the jewerly, the offerings! Also pay atention to the piece of art where Bhavna and Hervin were being carried! Fabulous, everything!



Later on, on a room with a splendorous tropical atmosphere, they were presented the Sangeet. Obviously this is great fun! Dancing and singing! These vibrating ceremonies makes us want to put down the camera and be part of it!! 😉



And just before dinner this glamorous couple appear, stunningly well dressed, for another photo session at this magical night view from the hotel balcony. How much more perfect could this be?! Makes you dream doesn’t it? Hope you enjoyed our Majestic Indian Wedding Photography.


Wedding Planner: The Wedding Company

Video: Shot and Cut Films

Venue: Hotel Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon

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