Clarice & Adelino Wedding in Castelo de Óbidos

Destination Wedding Photography in Portugal

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

Just one hour away from Lisbon we find this little walled village where you’re easily trapped in time and overwhelmed about it’s surroundings. Castelo de Óbidos was the magical venue chosen by Clarice and Adelino’s wedding, who devide their lives between the U.S.A. and some paradisiac islands in Guinea Bissau. This passionate couple shared this beautiful day with their sons and close family, which made this an intimate and full of emotions wedding party. An historical set and a stunning photogenic couple made our job very easy 😉 “The Castelo de Óbidos is a classic medieval castle, with solid stone walls, an impregnable keep and defensive battlements. A castle has stood at the top of Obidos hill since the Moors era (8-11th century) but was significantly expanded after the Moors were driven out by King Afonso Henriques in 1147. The present castle dates from the 13th century and was constructed under the rule of King Dom Dinis. In the 1950s the castle was transformed into a luxurious hotel (called a Pousada). The walled town of Obidos is one of the best tourist destinations of central Portugal, and makes for a fantastic day trip from Lisbon. The small town is situated along a limestone ridge and is completely encircled by ancient town walls. Within Obidos are traditionally painted houses, a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, and a medieval castle, which has guarded the region for over 800 years. Obidos also boasts an illustrious history, as it was traditionally given to the queen of Portugal on the day of her wedding, a tradition which began in 1214 and continued through to the 19th century. This royal patronage ensured that the town retained its unique and charming character, and today is one of the most picturesque towns of Portugal. The town walls of Obidos extend for 1.5km around the perimeter of Obidos and at certain sections are up to 13m high. The walls originate from the Moors era (8-11th century) and were strengthened by early Portuguese rulers, but the walls which tourist explore today, date from the 18th century, being restored after the devastating 1755 earthquake. It is possible to walk around the walls and from the Porta da Vila to the castle, and the western side provides wonderful views over the town and surrounding region. Up until the 16th century, the sea reached the base of the hill to the west of Obidos and it was an important port. Warning: Be careful when walking the town’s walls, as they are worn and pitted, and there are no hand railings.”

Hair Stylist & Make-up: Vera Garcia Hair & Makeup

Venue: Castelo de Óbidos

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