Diana & Pedro Photo Session at Peninha

A Fun and Romantic Photo Session at Peninha, in Sintra Mountains

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Diana and Pedro photo session at Peninha, at the very top of Sintra Mountains, turned out to be good fun and romantic! Peninha Sanctuary provide this amazing view over the Atlantic Ocean. It can be quite windy and this can add some funny moments to break the ice! Make sure to use comfortable shoes and clothing because you will definitely have a hiking moment! Also over here, there is no need to have a fancy hair do, the wind will destroy it in seconds, promise… At the top of Peninha, just be yourself and enjoy the beautiful view and surroundings. Maybe after you are done, and if you still have time, you can go for a quick stop at Sintra Vila centre for the typical Travesseiro pastry. Our favourite is at Piriquita. Be ready to wait a little bit as it’s a very famous patisserie. Another quick recommendation is the Queijadas de Sintra and the best ones are at Sapa. See? All good reasons to visit this incredible location. Make sure to organize this day very well and also to bring comfortable shoes, confy clothing and carry with you a bottle of water. With all that walk to get on the top, you will definitely need it. Visiting the center of Sintra won’t disappoint you. You have a couple of museums. Parks and gardens. Antique shops, coffee shops and restaurants, you name it. It is totally worth the visit. It would be a pity not to visit a place where royalty families would spend entire summers, escaping the heat of the capital. You will feel the history walking through every road! Be inspired by this lovely couple’s fantastic chemistry and good disposition.

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