Emma & Inês Memorable Destination Wedding in Sintra

A Memorable Destination Wedding in Sintra

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Emma & Inês memorable destination wedding in Sintra will make you overflow with good energy and joy. It was definitely a good party and a celebration of love between two amazing women. Inês, Portuguese from Oporto, wasn’t expecting that, when moving to London, she would meet the love of her life! Love is like this, unpredictable. Emma and Inês chose Quinta da Caloura in Sintra, to celebrate their union among close family and friends. A very rural venue almost in the middle of the woods. Ideal for those nature lovers. What you are about to see is both emotional moments and genuine fun. This is how it is supposed to be! Because a wedding is supposed to happen once a life time, so they say, you should have it all! This day should be legendary and unforgettable, for you and also for your guests. By the end of the night, when you finally sit on the bed overwhelmed with everything that happened, you will think how brilliant your wedding day was. And you want your guests to think and feel the same way as you do, right? Do you want to know what the trick is? Well, it is very simple. You just have to trust, delegate and stop complicating things. Don’t stress and mostly, don’t think too much. You should seize the day the best way you can because, trust us, it will pass in supersonic velocity! When you realize, the party is reaching it’s end there is no better felling than the feeling of happiness of accomplishment and the hope of the new beginnings. Don’t you agree? There is always a bit of anxiety to wait for something important to happen and then when it does, it always runs with the speed of light. So switch off, relax and seize de day the best way you can! You will be surrounded by the most important people in your lives, at least this is the way it should be, if possible!


Hair and Make Up Artist: Tery Kostadinova

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