Family Photo Session in Lisbon

A Colorful and Fun Family Photo Session in Lisbon

Aguiam Wedding Photography | Portugal

This is a family photo session in Lisbon that is nothing more then pure fun! 😍

We have been photographing this couple since they became family, which was at their wedding! Fortunately we keep following them throughout this amazing journey called life, from the baby years to the toddler years, and we also have made the baptism photographic coverage of this three joyful boys! Its truly an honor and a privilege to be part of such important moments and continuing follow the family grow with the annual family photography sessions that we do. We are also very grateful that some people really do appreciate photography and know that is very important to treasure this memories in photographic paper. Kids grow up so fast and you want to keep beautiful and fun memories of them, with them. In this case, a family of 5, where all the boys have their own way. We confess we think that the couple is very brave!  Definitely never boring, right? So on a Summer afternoon, we took this family to that charismatic spot in Lisbon, The Village Underground, next to LX Factory in Alcântara. The urban atmosphere was the perfect match to the restless boys and their incredible parents.

You can create a fun time with whole family

Family photo sessions are important. These moments are a break from the daily life and while being photographed, you can create a fun time with whole family. Also, like mentioned above, you will keep such great memories for future. A precious testimonial of what you once were. You can make a family album with us or make some prints and frame them. Put them on the wall or at that sideboard you use to set up favorite family photos. We promise you that you will smile every time you look at the pictures. They will bring back the memory of when and where you made that photo shoot. This is the true value of photography.

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