Frequent Asked Questions

What Aguiam stands for?

Aguiam is a family name. This Company started as family business: mother and daughters. With time they added up “family” members to help, and here we are!

Why always 2 photographers?

Because this is the only way you’ll get a much more complete photographic coverage of your wedding! Having two of us allows us to not miss a bit, because what two eyes see is not the same thing as four, don’t you agree?

Do you provide Video service as well?

We are photographers and are really good at it! But if you wish, we can recommend a few videographers with whom we team up throughout the years.


It’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly
Heather Heart

Do you travel?

Yes, please! We love photographing different places.

So many photographers, how do we know who’s the best for us?!

It is all about personalities honestly.

We will know which team is the best to match you. Trust us!

Are you full time photographers?

Yes, we are and we are very proud of it! This is our passion

How long will we wait for the photos?

About 2 to 3 months for weddings.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, we edit all photos one-by-one. Our editors are very meticulous about each detail.

Do we have to pay more to receive photos without watermarks?

Absolutely not! We deliver the work edited in high resolution with no water marks and you have unlimited print/usage rights.

Will we have the chance to meet?

Yes please! Actually, this is very important to us.

You should always meet the photographers that will be with you on your important day! We will go through the plan of the day with you so that we know all details for a better understanding of what will happen on you wedding day.


Also, if you don’t have the chance to meet our client manager before, you will also take a look at our material (albums, fine art prints, etc), in loco is totally different.

Do we get the RAWS?

We can only answer by making another question:

‘Do painters give away a half-finished piece of commissioned art?” 😉

Do You do Photoshop editing?

Part of the process when editing is to select, crop, and make colour and light correction using Lightroom.

We do not perform any image manipulation, except in case of individual requests which will be budgeted and contracted separately.

Do you shoot Indian/Hindu weddings?

Definitely yes! We have a special package for these kind of weddings because we know they usually last 3 days.

Do you shoot any kind of wedding?

For sure!  No matter the religion, creed, race, gender! Love is the universal language!!

Do you only photograph weddings?

Nope! We photograph everything. Events, Corporate events, Parties, anniversaries, baptisms etc if you need a photographer, we are ready!

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