Steph & Chris Fun Destination Wedding in Cascais

A Fun Destination Wedding at Villa Itália, Cascais

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Steph and Chris fun wedding in Cascais is the testimonial that there are no obstacles when it comes to your wedding day. Both of them English from London, they decided to tight their knots at the splendid Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa, in Cascais. When we started to exchange e‑mails with the couple, the bride mentioned she would be with a huge belly. We found this just lovely and got quite excited with the idea! and, guess what?! Steph was such a beautiful bride! So elegant, gorgeous, and totally glowing with happiness! Her soon to be husband, Chris, was a charm and an easy-going man. Very relaxed and fun. Everyone was in such a good mood, that the photos bellow say it quite well. This couple had such an amazing time and, the truth is, so did we! And the cake?! made with cheeses! Yes, wheels of cheeses, elegantly placed and being the wedding cake! just go and check the photos! Super original! Why having a sweet cake on your special day when you don’t really like sweets? Doesn’t make sense, right?!  🤨

Make of your Wedding Day, an unforgettable day!

Make your wedding day, an unforgettable day, full of joy and laughter! Steph and Chris’s guests had such a fun time as well. They went with the flow and supported the couple every moment of this special day. From the preparations until late at night. There was even a microphone takeover from the groom.  If you know how to sing, just do it! Be confident and don’t be shy to show off at your own party. On this day you are basically allowed to do anything, well, almost anything… 😏 aHaha !






Venue: Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa

Hair and Make-up: Jordana Make-up Artist & Jordana Hairstylist

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