Henriette & Axel Wedding in Pousada de Cascais

Destination Wedding Photographers Portugal – Wedding in Pousada de Cascais

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

Wedding in Pousada de Cascais. People who live in cold countries, are definitely not cold people, and we were able to clearly document that in here. Henriette and Axel, who came from Norway, decided to get married in the “Portuguese Riviera” – Cascais. Their strong personalities, and the intense passion that they have for one another, were captured in an enchanting way. You can feel the thirst for life that this couple has and their need to share it with those who surround them. It was an extraordinary day! This is one good example of why we really love wedding photography! We like to be connected to the people in such a special and important day. The wedding pictures will be the everlasting memory of this day for time and eternity. These are all precious moments, all captured …forever!

Super ingredients to powerful photos.

Sometimes all you have to do is to simply not complicate things. You can have a simple yet unforgettable party. You can be surrounded only by the ones who matter the most. You can have a humble ceremony yet full of deep meaning. Bottom line is, that whatever your choices for this day are, as long as you are happy about it and really appreciate it, this is the real deal. Happy faces, emotional faces, all of these are super ingredients to powerful photos. And through our work, not to sound pretentious, you can see all the emotions in each photograph we take. It may seem like magic but it is truly a reflection of everything and every moment of your wedding day. This is why wedding photography is so important, it is the testimonial of a memorable day!

Wedding Planner: Wedding Portugal

Venue: Pousada de Cascais


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