Larissa & Thilo Beach Intimate Wedding Destination in Sintra

An Intimate Beach Wedding Destination in Sintra

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Larissa and Thilo intimate beach wedding destination in Sintra is another proof that you should do what you feel it’s right for your wedding day. Whether if it’s a huge party or a small ceremony with a few friends, the most important is to be the way you always wanted and dreamed of! This German couple got ready at the beautiful “Quinta de S. Thiago“, Sintra, where literally every corner of this venue has this romantic vibe! After a small photo session, it was time to head up for the beach, where the ceremony would be conducted by a close friend of the couple. Once at the beach “Praia da Adraga” a simple and na├»ve aisle was waiting for them and it was all very emotive and joyful! Larissa and Thilo gave us the chance of make another photo session by the shore and it turned out to be magical. This intimate beach wedding destination in Sintra will make you dream awake! We are all aware that a wedding on a beach requires a lot of logistic plans in action and when it’s necessary to have the presence of a wedding officiant, the bureaucracy one has to deal. But don’t let all these details frighten you! Getting married on a beach can be very relaxing and fun! If this is is your style, I mean. If this is really your thing you need to be very practical with everything. There will be the sand factor, the sun and heat and possibly some wind. It is without a shadow of a doubt an unique and interesting experience that will be totally worth it for those adventurous and dreamers! As you can check it out in a moment, this couple embraced with such naturality the whole day and shared it with the most important friends. Would you do the same?

Wedding Planner: Wedding Portugal

Preparations Venue: Quinta de S. Thiago, Sintra

Beach: Praia da Adraga, Sintra

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