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Lisbon Portugal Wedding Photographer – We are proud to say that we absolutely love photographing weddings. We could be so many things in photography but this is what we chose to do in our lives. To be part of such an important day in a couple life, is the greatest gift we can have. And receiving all the positive reviews along the years,  makes us feel very special and touched.

We, as a team of professional photographers in Lisbon, we have the privilege to photograph any kind of wedding: Indian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Nigerian, LGBT, and even when it is only a symbolic ceremony etc, you name it. What matters is that love is the link that puts a couple together and wanting to share a life time of experience, trust and respect. And throughout the years we have been blessed by watching families grow. It is beautiful and rewarding.
We want to be inspired by you, your story and breath-taking places.
Let’s have this adventure together?


Aguiam Wedding Photography was born within the Aguiam family and today we are a team of award-winning photographers, designers and editors.

Discrete, and with a recognized photo journalistic style, we focus on capturing the feelings and emotions of those we photograph without missing the crucial moments of their dream day.

Always in sync with “our” couples, we aim to preserve their memories to be cherished and shared amongst your beloved ones. We want your wedding photos to tell the story of the day you said yes to a life together.


It all began 22 years ago, when Gloria Aguiam was challenged to photograph at a wedding. It was love at first shoot, something that made her feel great joy and a sense of purpose that she had never felt before. To the point that it made her reconsider her career. Gloria quit her job and surrendered to her new passion: Wedding photography.


Our wedding photography team is considered one of the 10 best teams in Lisbon, with mutiple photography awards, including first prize for Destination Wedding, by the prestigious Junebug Weddings or Fearless Photographers – from which we are recommended members.


We are based near one of the most beautiful places in the whole country: the romantic Village of Sintra. With a handful of palaces and a breathtaking natural landscape, this dream place as made us take advantage of the best things our country has to offer. Choosing us for your Destination Wedding will surely mean a dream experience to you.

Lisbon Portugal Wedding Photographer Aguiam

We love to make the best out of our country’s unique light and beautiful landscapes, but to photograph abroad is a challenge we embrace with great spirit of adventure! We will travel the world to capture Love, wherever we may find it!

At Aguiam Wedding Photography we will be by your side every step of the way, ready to capture the very essence of your love story. Have a sneak peek at our portfolio for inspiration and feel free to contact us.

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