Marta & Bruno Wedding in Lisbon

An Adorable Wedding in Lisbon City center

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Marta and Bruno wedding in Lisbon city center will blow your mind away with how colorful and cute it is. We know Marta for a long time as she is one of the best Floral Designers we have the privilege to work with – Flow. It was with great excitement that we were asked to photograph her small and intimate wedding. The ceremony was at the magnificent Basílica de Nossa Senhora dos Mártires (XII century Church destroyed by the Great Earthquake of 1755 and reconstructed after that). This church, which is totally worth visiting, you will be amazed the it’s interior, is actually in the middle of one of the hype zone in Lisbon, Chiado. This is where you see all kind of styles and people. If you want to see the latest fashion statement, Chiado is the place to visit. The reception took place at the magnificent Verride Palace Hotel, in the Winter Garden. This Palace is at one of the most famous viewpoints of Lisbon; Miradouro de Santa Catarina or simply Adamastor because there is a huge statue of this mythological creature. (“Adamaster is a mythological character created by the Portuguese poet Luís de Camões in his epic poem Os Lusíadas, as a personification of the Cape of Good Hope, symbolizing the dangers of the sea and the formidable forces of nature challenged and ultimately overcome by the Portuguese during the Discovery”, interesting, right?) The charming hotel decoration combined perfectly with Marta’s flowers selection. Each flower arrangement was combined with thorough detail, as always, from the bouquet to the centerpieces. Absolutely gorgeous! This adorable wedding will melt your heart away, promise. So you see, every detail counts and you want to have a very coherent wedding, with a consistent line of colors and elements. All should match in perfection. You don’t want to end up with a very complicated mixture of styles and ideas. Ok we are overreacting, it does work and it is fun and incredible but for this to happen it is always to reach out for a professional hand. We are not saying that one cannot organize a wedding by themselves but sometimes you need all the help you can get and havving a Wedding Planner can truly help you a lot! Think of those sleepless nights and numerous gray hair you won’t have if you hand this task to someone who really knows what is doing and have all the cards in hand 🙂

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