Odete & Adrien Wedding in Lisbon Countryside

Destination Wedding Photography in Portugal

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

When we talk about getting married in Lisbon, it doesn’t have to be in the center of the city. Lisbon Countryside has many amazing places for a destination wedding, get in the car and in one hour we are already in the countryside’s bliss. The universe wanted Odete and Adrien to meet in France and their passion for music and concerts was the secret ingredient for a happily ever after story. This wonderful couple chose Casa de Reguengos, Mafra, to celebrate their wedding. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the rural landscape and also impossible not to feel the great vibe during this special day! Odete and Adrien make an incredible pair, full of style. We loved it! Lisbon’s countryside has a lot of options if you like the nature and rural themes. You will find plenty of venues, a lot of villas where, on some, you can actually stay and give accommodation to some of your guests. The only downside is the driving back home or back to the hotels after the wedding. Drinking and driving was never a good mix right? But there is also that designated driver that won’t drink, for the sake of other’s fun 😉 It is what it is and seriously, bless that person who will be the chauffeur for the night! The are are actually some services you can provide such as shuttles or mini buses with a schedule after some point at night. This is the best solution. If you don’t have the money for such investment, we are sure that your guests will definitely chip in! Think about it. Your guests will appreciate and be safer. Once they are in the city center they can call cabs or ubers. Easy!

Lisbon Countryside

Video: Happy Together Films

Venue: Casa de Reguengos

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