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Indian Weddings

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Indian Weddings

There is something quite fascinating about an Indian Wedding.

India is a nation of great cultural diversity and this especially true at an Indian wedding ceremony, with its rituals filled with symbolism, music and rich colors.

The bright colors of the saris, the looks of the bride and groom that keep on changing throughout the ceremony, the glitter, the textures, the extremely delicate craftsmanship and the music that invites us to enter an exotic wonder world. It’s all part of a scenic art piece ready to be photographed.

Indian weddings last for an average of three days: the pre wedding rituals like the Hadi, Mehendi and Sangeet; the Hindu ceremony under the Mandap, and the reception, a celebration that sends us straight to a Bollywood movie scene. The guests take over the dance floor with their exciting choreographies and we gasp in awe as we hold our cameras to make sure we don’t miss a bit of it.

These weddings require our whole team of wedding photographers, as shooting usually las for days. This takes a lot of discipline, coordination and teamwork, and we got it covered.

We cover all types of Indian wedding ceremonies, from Hindu to Sikh, among others. We’ve learned all the different nuances and traditions and we understand all the angles and positions needed to capture each of the different ceremonies inside an Indian Wedding

Luckily in Portugal there are a lot of wonderful sites that could be the dream set for your celebration and at Aguiam Wedding Photography we have the best Indian wedding photographers in Portugal.

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Indian Weddings