Sapphire & John Elopement in Monserrate, Sintra

Destination Wedding Photographers Portugal – Elopement

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

In addition to the complicated decision of choosing to have a destination wedding, it is even more difficult to decide on having an Elopement. But these are gaining more and more followers. For the brave and courageous, this is an unique and intimate wedding experience. Sapphire and John chose to celebrate their elopement in the magical Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal, and the surrounding gardens. This venue is so enchanted, don’t you agree? The bride and groom got ready in the majestic Penha Longa Resort Hotel in Sintra. An Elopement wedding filled with class and Glamour. Another particularity is the fact that they weren’t afraid of the weather. Considering that in Sintra, due to it’s microclimate, it is very windy or a bit cloudy and misty and sometimes raining. The couple still took the chance and celebrated their love in Autumn. It is beautiful anyways! For us as photographers, it is even better because the light is so much better than in Summer. All tonalities are very smooth, which gives that elegant and romantic touch to the scenery. You see? Don’t be scared of Autumn or Winter weather!

Elopement, would you do it?

We always associate Weddings with big parties. This is a fact. But sometimes things may not be by the book. If you don’t want to have to invite the whole family and all your friends and end up having a 200 guests list and if you are an independent soul and not afraid of challenges, then an Elopement is the right thing. Less complicated and a lot cheaper. It can be so romantic and a lot more intimate. It will be a precious moment between you two (and the photographer, obviously) and maybe something you will cherish forever.

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