Sara & Marisa Destination Wedding in Cascais

Destination Wedding Photography in Portugal

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

Sara and Marisa Destination Wedding in Cascais, was one of the most emotive destination weddings we have had the pleasure to photograph as a destination wedding Photography in Portugal. It was a small and intimate wedding ceremony by the sea in Cascais that enlaced these two beautiful American women. Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception was at the historical wedding venue “Casa de Santa Marta” and the wedding session took place at the enchanted garden of Condes Castro GuimarĂ£es Museum and it’s hidden beach. The dramatic scenery of the light house and the ocean provided a fabulous background. We love small weddings. Usually this means we have more time to do our work, more time to be with the couple and to focus on things in a different perspective. And when the couple is madly in love and the family and friends are so involved in this celebration, makes our job so much easier. You won’t imagine. It flows. We feel like we know these people since forever. And it is a beautiful feeling. Cascais has a lot of hidden gems and this venue is one of them. It is very difficult to have permission to use this space but when it is granted, oh boy, you want to use every detail of every corner. It is a fantastic venue with a gorgeous view over the Atlantic Ocean and from that point of view you have a magical starry night scene with the little yellow boat lights if they are on. Fall in love with this wedding photos gallery, we do every time we look at them. This wedding will always be kept in our hearts and we can’t forget it!

Wedding Planner: The Vows

Venue: Casa de Santa Marta, Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal

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