Shari & Zach Jewish Wedding in Porto

A Jewish Wedding in Porto, at the beautiful Palácio do Freixo

Shari and Zach Jewish Wedding in Porto, at the beautiful Palácio do Freixo, was a small and intimate celebration. These two American citizens flew to Portugal for their destination wedding. We can almost guarantee that the couple chose Portugal because of our History, Monuments, wine and culinary. We could almost bet on it! The region of Porto (north of Portugal) is well known for all of that, specially the wine. We all know how wine takes a very important role in Jewish traditions. Though the wine used must be Kosher which is prepared with a certain rules and procedures. So unfortunately our favorite Portuguese region wine (Douro) will never be used. More for us! Hope you enjoy the wedding photos, the surroundings, the palace interiors and the vintage cuteness of the couple itself. We absolutely love every bit of it! We say this a lot of times but it is true, we love photographing these small weddings. We have more time to focus on the couple and on the guests that were invited to this big celebration. In fact is, in small weddings, due to their logistic and because it is easier to manage time, we have more time to test new techniques, new variations, new ideas, different things. When we are working on a tight schedule, the couple’s session last less and passes so fast! So it is really nice to have that time for us, it all goes smoothly. Nevertheless the result is always fantastic, proof of that is this website full of great pictures and our social media cannot lie as well. Our Instagram and Facebook is constantly updated with new material and you should follow us and take a look!

Venue: Pestana Palácio do Freixo, Porto

Jewish Wedding

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