Silke & Frank Beach Elopement in Portugal

An Intimate Elopement At The Beach In Algarve

Aguiam Wedding Photography | Portugal

Silke and Frank beach Elopement in Portugal is a delight to the eye and to the heart. Both German, decided to fly to Algarve to exchange rings in a very romantic wedding ceremony.

They look to each other, it seams they are together for an entire life time has one! They got dressed together in a beach cave and had their ceremony in front of the see. The beach was practically deserted which made it all even more intimate and special. Beautiful don’t you agree? Would you do it? Usually people like to be able to share this moment with the loved ones, whether if they are family or friends or as on most of the cases, both. But there are always the ones that are more introvert and prefer to do this just the two of them. If this is what makes sense to them, let’s do this! We actually like Elopements a lot. This means we can have the couple just for us! Going for an Elopement do have it’s own advantages. The couple do what they want, when they want and where they want. And to be honest, they also save a lot of money. We are sure that after this, the couple joins a few family members and the closest friends and throw a lunch or a dinner party. This is nothing compared with the whole process of organizing and making a wedding happen with just a small group of guests. In reality, you don’t have to have a plus hundred guests invited to spend some significant amount. It is what it is! Obviously that this all depends of the budget one can have. Either way, it is always a very happy moment! In this case, they were really happy to be just the two of them. We are a hundred percent sure that this feeling is well captured in the photos you are about to see. Our lenses can’t lie, it’s a fact. Check it out and tell us what do you think!

Wedding Planner: Wedding Portugal

Beach: Praia das Furnas, Vila do Bispo, Algarve


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