Vileene & Noah Colorful Engagement Session in Sintra

A Colorful Engagement Session in Sintra

by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

Vileene and Noah colorful engagement session in Sintra is not just a traditional Indian engagement photo shoot but also a very charming session at one of the most beautiful landscapes in this area. This handsome Indian couple wanted to have some photos while visiting Portugal right before their big wedding. One of the most friendly couples we have crossed lately! It started at the old and most picturesque part of Sintra. They wandered around the parks and alleys surrounded by that beautiful green. Then they headed to “Praia da Ursa”, which, for us, is the perfect place for a breathtaking sunset by the ocean and cliffs. Enjoy this colorful engagement session and hopefully you will be inspired to have one too. It is so worth it! You can use the photos for your Save the Date Cards, just like they did 😉 These sessions are the best thing for you to get more comfortable in front front of the camera. For those who are a bit more of uptight, it makes it easier. Imagine this as an internship for the real deal which will be the wedding day. You can learn to let it go and so to become a little more easy going and natural for the camera and less embarrassed with the whole situation. Of course we know that we are not all the same and we all react differently. (You should see us in front of the camera, is very funny haha) But because of this, this is why these Engagement Sessions are awesome. Even if you will only use them for the sake of just having some good photos of yourselves or if you use them as we mentioned before, for the Save the Date or even use them at the wedding deco at some point. We are one hundred percent sure that you will definitely love the experience and most important, the final result!

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