Loren & Gray Glorious Destination Wedding

A Glorious Destination Wedding in Penha Longa, Sintra

by Aguiam Wedding Photography, Portugal

Loren and Gray glorious destination wedding at Penha Longa Resort Hotel in Sintra, besides mentioned being absolutely gorgeous it was fun! This American couple planed to tight the knot here in Portugal, most precisely in Penha Longa. A beautiful and most convenient venue we know around Lisbon area. They invited some of the closest family and friends over to witness their marriage. What can we say about this wedding that is good enough to express the intensity of it? It is difficult express in a short text what we felt and what we saw on this beautiful day. First of all, the couple is absolutely gorgeous, handsome and totally cool. You will agree with us as soon as you start seeing the photos. Before the wedding, when they came to Portugal to finalize some details for the big day, we had a photo shoot. So they were already familiarized with having a camera around them. Like we always mentions, these Engagement Sessions can make a huge difference because in some ways, it makes you feel much more comfortable in front of the camera. Saying this, they were both very at easy with us and this is actually something you can check it out when you see the wedding photos. We were exchanging emails for quite a while because we all wanted everything to be perfect. They wanted a first look before the ceremony. Loren wore a different dress and a crown of flowers, so beautiful. Gray wore the same. You know how men are always more practical 🙂 The ceremony took place at Núncio Gardens. It was such a nice ceremony, full of laughter and a bit of tears! The reception was at Noble Room where there is a huge incredible fireplace, it’s not at use though. Then came the party, and yep, this was A Party! It took place at the Cloisters and lasted until very late, obviously. Loren and Gray had so much fun! And this is how it is supposed to be. We are so happy we were part of this fabulous day!

Wedding Planner: Lisbon Wedding Planner
Flowers: Green Pic’k
Stationary: In Love Unique Weddings
Hais and Make up Artist: Vera Garcia
Video: Full Cut
DJ: Jukebox
Venue: Penha Longa Resort
Catering: Penha Longa Catering